I’m A Blessed Man!

us“Of all man’s miseries the bitterest is this; to know so much and have control over nothing.” -Herodotus-

Control is freedom…then genuine freedom must be control. Control is built into or hard-wired by the Designer into the DNA of the human species. Success as a leader in the new frontier of “Internet” Network Marketing will lead to freedom, followed by control. con·trol 1.to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command. “Let them have dominion!” That ancient edict still rings in the soul of the truly successful, causing a longing and unquenchable burning faithfulness in the quest to be free.

I must have more control of my time. I refuse to spend the remainder of my most productive years “making” a living. I will spend those years “living” more abundantly and “making” a righteous difference in our world.

I must have more time to pray, read, write, reflect, and be available to plan with like-minded people the implementation of a more just and noble earth order.

I am a thought-leader called to serve and inspire a new specie of entrepreneur, a pneumapreneur.

(Stay tuned for more insight into the concept of “pneumapreneur in future blogs. We will faithfully create unlimited resources for uplifting people world-wide.


I will have dominion over economically oppressive systems that undermine human dignity, keeping us from fulfilling that ancient edict and satisfying the incessant longing to “have dominion”! Dominion, that’s what I do!

May the blessed man win!  JOIN ME!

Husband for 34 years to the most wonderful woman on the planet. Father to 2 dazzling daughters, and proud PaPa to 4 gorgeous Grand-kids.

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