Bitclub Network

Most mining pools don’t pay any referral commissions, or if they do it’s one time with no residuals. That’s where BitClub Network saw a huge opportunity to be different. We have built a cutting edge referral based pay plan around the concept of Crypto Currency mining that offers a truly unique and passive income opportunity for everyone.

This model is hard for people to understand because it almost sounds too good to be true. After all we are purchasing computer hardware that produces Bitcoin and then sharing this Bitcoin with everyone in the pool. In other words we found a machine that prints money and as we buy more of these machines we can print more money and share this money with everyone who helps to purchase the machines.

Now you might see why some people have a hard time accepting a concept like this…

But, truthfully we are at the very beginning of the Digital Currency age and as technology continues to connect the the world making everything better, faster, smarter and more convenient there is a real alternative option that can revolutionize the way we exchange money and value. It’s not just Bitcoin, its the entire digital currency concept and right now we have a very small window accumulate as much as we can before the big corporations begin to dominate.


There are 3 Mining Pools… $500, $1,000 and $2,000

When you purchase a share of these mining pools you are helping us expand our mining operations and you will earn a share of all the Bitcoin produced from that mine. If you share this with your friends you will get paid commissions on the shares they are buying. HUGE!

Everyone who purchases a share in a mining pool will receive daily profits from whatever the pool produces. These daily profits will vary based on whatever is actually mined and how many shares are in the pool. We don’t guarantee profits, have a set ROI, or speculate on daily earnings because everything is based on actual mining results. But for each share you purchase you will receive daily profits for 1,000 days.