INFINii – No Grind Just Glory!

No Grind Just Glory! That’s the INFINii Story and I’m sticking to it.
It’s about time! INFINii is in pre-launch beta, INVITATION ONLY!

Message me at for an invite.
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This INFINii presentation will explains the membership levels in detail: Prime, Surge, and Excel. It will also explain the Springboard and compensation plan.

The INFINii springboard is an incredible concept that allows members to leverage the buying power of many and outsource the legwork that comes along with ecommerce. It’s a perfect solution for people looking to do this part time, internationally, or as an introduction into starting your own ecommerce store.

The training covers selling on multiple platforms including eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, and many more.

The compensation plan is unlike any other and pays out a whopping 70% at all times. It pays up to 20% on the binary and a 5% “check match” infinity levels deep. It’s not really a check match but it’s similar and even more powerful.

In conclusion, INFINii™ is an incredible opportunity and I highly encourage you to hop on board.  Message me at for an invite.

INFINii Overview
Compensation Plan