Is Your Health Your HELL?

I’m one of those beautiful, blessed, Baby Boomers. We’ve had an exciting ride and now that we are poised for the most productive use of our lives, we find ourselves, all too many of us handicapped by our health. If abuse and neglect of these amazing bodies we live in were a crime punishable by law, most of us would be “doing time”. But nature has its own way of punishing “health law-breakers” and many of us have sentenced ourselves to the poorhouse of health. Time for a jail break! Just when the world needs our experience, expertise, wisdom and energy we are too sick to give it. Our health has become our biggest hindrance.  Before we can become architects of a global New World we must first become architects of our own body and its health. Dr. Joel Wallach is a man on a mission. A gifted Nobel Prize winning health evangelist. He brings to our planet a message for such a time as this when sickness, death and disease claims the best of us earlier and earlier. Dr. Wallach’s “gospel of kingdom health” is being spread by an army of compassionate entrepreneurs. I have no doubt that if Dr. Wallach’s message is heard and heeded it will bring the healing and health that we so desperately need. Your health is your wealth, and there is no such thing as true wealth without health.  Is YOUR health YOUR HELL?    Want to do something about it? click here