Prelude to Digital Prosperity – Successful Sharing

It is my belief that we have the technology to fundamentally transform our world for the better.

collabWe have the capacity to generate new, bold and innovative ideas. Historically we have relied primarily on closed hierarchical approaches to producing and harnessing knowledge. Increasingly though knowledge is the product of networked people and businesses looking for new solutions to specific problems.

The SFM, Digital Experts Academy, and Team Wukar of Dubli Network are examples of effective collaborative communities where the value is created by involving everybody in the success of everybody else. This innovative approach to producing knowledge and sharing information is not new to academia. In the sciences this peer-oriented approach has been circulating and building on discoveries for centuries. However it’s new territory for most companies “in practice”. Competitive Capitalism is giving way to this new equalizing economy, allowing more of us to participate in the abundance that digitization can produce.

Collaboration, publication, peer-review, shared information  and skill sets are the keys to unlocking success in this knowledge-based economy. This shift is being powered by the digitization of information and enlightened communities, as well as the desire of more and more people wanting to live a successful and prosperous digital life. This shift is changing the way value is created throughout society. Digitization means information can be shared, cross-referenced, and repurposed as never before.

To your “shared” success.  “None of us is as smart as all of us.” Kenneth H. Blanchard

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